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At the foundation of all love is belief in the object that is loved. If we do not believe in a person we cannot love him or her. The same is true in our spiritual journey. We must begin with God: believing that He exists, believing that He cares, and believing that His love is real. His faith rested in God Himself. The key to the Christian life is our faith in Jesus Christ and His sacrificial and atoning death for our sins. We do not only believe that He died on the cross as a fact of history, but we believe that He died for our sins personally.

When we trust what Jesus did for us on the cross, we receive the gift of eternal life. John God has done for us what we could not do for ourselves. What Abraham believed in his mind and heart, he put into action with his life. Despite his imperfections God blessed him and Sarah with their promised son Isaac. Through them the nation of Israel was born- the lineage of Jesus Christ was begun.

The plan to bless the world with a Savior continued to develop. I pray that we will be like the saints of old. Each one of them trusted God in a unique way. They clung to the hope that God would eventually triumph over what was challenging them. May we believe the same! This is a world at war.

Each of us has a crucial role to play…. There were many things in there that spoke to my heart! To steal and kill and destroy…the story of your life is the story of the long and brutal assault on your heart by the one who knows what you COULD be, and fears it! When we face these obstacles, we must NOT look at the physical implications. It looks like it will take me all night to get the kitchen cleaned up.

The same holds true of the trials and tribulations we face in life. Ministry is no different. When and if God calls you to do something…just go ahead and do it. The disdain and angry remarks will continue long after you have accomplished your task. Jeremiah gave five key points in becoming an Overcomer. Refuse to be discouraged. Be persistent in your calling! Reinforce your focus. Look to God for direction and help. Reflect on your past victories. Take a look at what God has brought you through.

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So encouraging! Run toward the problem or challenge. Meet it head-on! Do it for Him! In his message to the troops, General Dwight D. Your enemy is well trained, well equipped, and battle-hardened. He will fight savagely…. But I have full confidence in your devotion to duty and skill in battle. Is your heart completely His? Can He count on you to be devoted to His cause? Put on the full armor of God and get ready to fight! Anita Mondragon. Like all young parents, I made many bad choices. They were done with the best of intentions, but I was new at being a mom, and some of the choices and decisions I made turned out to be the worst things I could have possibly done!

I was stubborn too, and would not listen to wise counsel and advice given to me. Or so I thought! I knew it all! I was an adult and could make my own decisions. I am anything but! I can recall several times when He rescued me from certain death. They wandered in the wilderness for forty years….

He promised to give them the land…but they were afraid. Bible studies have a way of touching areas we like to ignore. Glad to know more women are having experiences they never expected. So much richness is available when we really dig into the Word. Good I so good. Linda- I love your response.

How wonderful that you take responsibility for your own self first and let God begin His work in you, and then you share that with others! And thank you for the encouraging words! Unleash unstoppable strength, unmovable faith, and unbelievable power. The Bible promises we were created to enjoy lives of freedom, even when the world around us seems to be filled with darkness. We were created to be overcomers, conquering the obstacles in our lives. In our Overcomer series, we explored the powerful relevance of spiritual armor as we confront challenges in our lives. Enough living in defeat!

Now we apply that to our everyday life with large group learning series, The Well Dressed Woman Is Ready For Battle and our greatly anticipated fall conference! October 25 at pm October 26 at am. Registration opens soon, call the church office for more information! Last Monday, the W. W had a ladies Bible study with Dr.

Linda Schupp, PHD. She brought out some very interesting facts that I would like to share with those of you that missed the meeting. It was one of my favorites. Will You Fall or Stand? In the first, Adam took a fall. In the second, Jesus took a stand. I can really identify with the first garden! I believe most of the human race can. However, the second garden is where I usually fail. How about you? We must remind ourselves that our worship, in order to be acceptable, must be authorized. We must not do that which we have not been authorized to do cf.

When the Mormons substitute water for the fruit of the vine, they do so without divine authority, hence, they err. Second, the communion celebration is to take place upon the first day of the week Acts We have no authority to alter the day; yet some have suggested that it is permissible to observe the communion on Wednesday or other days at the discretion of the church Hook , We are not at liberty to ignore divine precedent and divorce these two events. As a matter of fact, where is the authority for even meeting every Sunday if not to observe the communion with that frequency?

Musical instruments in worship?

Fourth, all Christians must both eat the bread and drink the cup. The Roman Catholic doctrine of communion under one kind, i. One passage can serve as the basis of our analysis:. And be not drunken with wine, wherein is riot, but be filled with the Spirit; speaking one to another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord; giving thanks always for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to God, even the Father Ephesians First, we are authorized to sing.

Singing is the conveyance of thoughts by means of words set to music. Singing is a form of teaching Colossians We are not commissioned to make mere musical sounds. One can no more be edified by a mere musical noise than he can by the words of a language which he does not understand. And Paul dealt with this type of abuse in his initial letter to the church at Corinth.

This implies words, not just sounds. Those who respect the authority of the New Testament, therefore, will not improvise by humming, clapping, whistling, employing instruments of music to accompany their singing, or imitating the sounds of instruments with their voices. Currently, there is a tremendous erosion of such matters within the body of Christ. Some churches appear to want a human-centered worship service rather than a God-honoring service. Second, we are authorized to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. We are not empowered to incorporate into our worship services nationalistic songs, cultural favorites, or other lyrics of a secular essence.

Third, the grammar of the verse indicates that the entire congregation is to participate in the singing. Congregational singing is clearly authorized in the New Testament; authority for choirs and solos is conspicuously absent from the divine record see Jackson , Another feature of church worship is prayer. The prayer activity of the corporate church must likewise conform to the divine pattern.

First, as noted earlier, prayer should be directed only to deity Nehemiah ; Matthew The Christian must never pray to any dead person as in the practice of Catholicism. Second, we are not authorized to employ mechanical devices as aids to our prayers.

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Many religionists have utilized rosary beads to implement their prayers. Such was the practice of the ancient Ephesians in the worship of Diana, as archaeological data have revealed. It is well-known, of course, that this is a feature of Roman Catholicism. The premise behind such a practice is the assumption that repetitious prayers will secure indulgences—accumulated merit—which will exempt the faithful from the fires of pugatorial punishment.

Contrast this with Matthew , 8. Third, prayer is a communication between a child of God and his or her heavenly Father Matthew , or, on occasion, the Son or Holy Spirit as well. It is never appropriate, therefore, to call upon those who do not belong to the family of God Galatians , 27 to lead prayers in our public assemblies or at other times, for that matter. Fourth, prayers must be uttered in harmony with the revealed will of God 1 John We may not pray for things like miracles the age of miracles has passed or salvation of the lost independent of their obedience to the gospel.

Fifth, prayers in assemblies of mixed sexes must be directed only by males. Since it is clear from complementary passages that women can pray anywhere even in the assembly [1 Corinthians ] , it becomes obvious that what the apostle limits in 1 Timothy is leading prayer in a worship service. Sixth, prayers in the assembly must be uttered intelligibly, i. Mumbled prayers are no better than speaking in an unknown language cf.

God also has a pattern for church finance. It is most comprehensively set forth in 1 Corinthians , Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I gave order to the churches of Galatia, so also do you. Upon the first day of the week let each one of you lay by him in store, as he may prosper, that no collections be made when I come. Unlike tipping, Christian giving is not an option; it is an obligation. In spite of its obligatory nature, giving should be viewed as a thrilling blessing, not as a burdensome matter for grumbling cf.

In this connection, it must be stressed that giving is the only authorized method for financing the work of the church of Jesus Christ. We are not authorized to operate businesses, conduct bingo parties, hold pay-at-the-door concerts, etc. The kingdom of Christ is not a commercial enterprise. Second, the child of God is to contribute every Sunday. But what if the saint is paid only monthly or biweekly?

1 Timothy 2:12 in Context: Artemis of Ephesus and her Temple

Perhaps he could budget his funds so as to be able to participate in this act of devotion each Sunday, consistent with what inspiration has prescribed. Further, we must mention in this connection that whereas the specific use of this collection 1 Corinthians was for the relief of the destitute among the saints in Jerusalem Romans , the underlying principle of this passage serves as a precedent for how the church is to raise its financial resources for the implementation of every divinely authorized work.

It is wrong, therefore, to suppose that 1 Corinthians , 2 has no application today. A few preachers have argued this position, but they continue to take their salaries from the Sunday collection! Third, the responsibility to contribute toward the support of the kingdom belongs to each Christian.

In dual-income households, contributions should come from both salaries. Fourth, while it is certainly possible and desirable that church members give of their incomes for the support of good works on an individual basis Mark , nevertheless, there is also the responsibility for each saint to give into the church treasury on the first day of the week. On the first day of every week let each of you lay somewhat by itself, according as he may have prospered, putting it into the treasury, that when I come there may then be no collections , ; cf.

McCord , It is erroneous to suggest that Paul was merely urging his brethren to save something at home or put it aside in a special place, as some translations have suggested. The notion that one may simply freelance his contribution in doing good, with no obligation to the local church, is a myth contrived by the covetous.

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This is proportional giving. Amazingly, some in the early church gave even beyond their ability 2 Corinthians Those who have more should give more both in amount and percentage.

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When the more prosperous generously give of their abundance to compensate for the deficit of the poorer folk, the type of equality that God desires will prevail see 2 Corinthians The least God ever stipulated for his people in the support of his work was ten percent cf. Genesis ; ; Numbers ; the most he has accepted is one hundred percent Mark Surely, somewhere between these two examples, the conscientious child of God can find his appropriate level of giving.

And let there be no mistake about it, teaching and preaching is a form of worship. Paul viewed his preaching ministry as a form of religious devotion comparable to priestly service in the temple. Second, only the males of the church are to occupy the role of public teachers in the assembly. Moreover, his application of these matters is universal 1 Corinthians ; , 34 , not local. That which is transcultural and universal is neither local nor temporary.

The restrictions are therefore as binding today as they were in the first century. Men have been ordained of God to lead the worship services.