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It was the first flying horse mount in the game, and the only one to do so without wings. The saddle is buried in the cemetery of the Scarlet Monastery. It functions as a ground mount in no-fly zones , in the water and in areas where you don't have the appropriate flying skills Outland without Expert or better riding, Northrend without [ Cold Weather Flying ] and Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms without [ Flight Master's License ] , it functions as a ground mount, while in other areas it functions as a flying mount.

Prior to Patch 4. Because the Headless Horseman's Mount functions as a ground mount in the water, unlike regular flying mounts, it was possible to mount in the water prior to 4. As of patch 3. Sign In. Jump to: navigation , search. Rivendare's Deathcharger Risen Mare Midnight.

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Lil' Donkey Terrified Pack Mule. Acherus Deathcharger. The nomads practically lived on their saddles while roaming the endless steppes and their children learned how to ride horses before they could barely walk. The horse was an indispensable helper and loyal companion that enabled the nomads to travel far and fast. In the small towns and villages Kyrgyz boys learn to sit in the saddle before they can walk and while they grow up, they master the skill of riding.

It would also be wrong to assume that only men know how to ride horses. Both the bride and groom have to saddle up. The bride gets the best horse in the herd and the groom has to catch up with her before reaching the designated finish line. If he fails, the bride will hit her fiance with a whip. I secretly like this ritual…. National games and sports in which the Kyrgyz people demonstrate their equestrian skills are an integral part of the Kyrgyz culture. This happened to us while we were hitchhiking from Bishkek to Osh. One of our drivers dropped us off in a small town called Kara-Kul.

Even though we had never heard about this sport before, we were pretty stoked to watch an authentic competition.

Little did we know we were about to see a rough rugby game on horses with a headless goat used as a ball…. We all know that the Rambo series is often exaggerated but the game sequence that they show in the movie really matches reality! The history of the sport is quite interesting. One of the spectators told us that the name Kok Boru means Grey Wolf and that there are a few different versions of the origins of the game.

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One story says that the sport was invented in the mountains by locals who saw a pack of grey wolves kill a goat and toss it around for fun. Another explanation is that the game originated from men hunting down the grey wolves that were killing their herds in the mountains. They would kill the wolf and play with its carcass by trying to take it from each other on their way back to the village.

We were also told that the sport was meant to train the riders and their horses for war. Eagle Hunting is another special nomadic tradition in Kyrgyzstan. Read more about it here. It took us a while to figure out how Kok Boru is played.

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At first, all we could see was a whirlpool of dust surrounding the horses and their riders who were battling and blocking each other while trying to grab the goat carcass. After observing the match for a bit and with some explanation of a spectator, we started to get our heads around the rules and goal of the game. Kok Boru is played by two teams. The goal is to pick up the goat carcass from the ground, race it across the field and toss it into the center of the kazan, a ring of tires functioning as a goal.

Each team has their own kazan , one at either end of the field. Every time the carcass is thrown into the kazan, the team scores a point.

It’s Like the NFL. But with Horses and a Headless Calf.

There are three rounds in the game, each lasting about twenty minutes. The team who scores the most during the three rounds is the winner of the game. The match begins when the referee rides to the center of the field carrying the goat carcass across his saddle. The carcass is specially prepared for the match, with its legs and head removed and the holes sewn up to prevent the blood and internal organs from spewing all over the field and the players. Just before the start of the game — the referee has the carcass ready across his saddle.

As soon as the referee throws the carcass in the center, the players of both teams— who are each waiting on their designated side of the field— race in full gallop towards the carcass.

The four or five leading horses circle the carcass whilst their riders bent down and try to scoop it up. It sounds easier than it is as the teams push and shove into each other, trying to block the other team from grabbing the goat.


It takes a while before one of the players manages to get a hold of the carcass and is able to pull it into his lap. Weightlifters at the gym can learn a few things from these guys! Once a player gets his hands on the goat, the game is back at full speed. The other team can also intercept the goat while the player tries to throw it into the kazan. This part of the game is intense and the players are bathing in sweat while battling to score a point. Once a goal is made, both teams return to their side of the field and restart the game until the final whistle. The players often finish the match stained in blood and mud, with thorn clothes and an occasional limp.

Their performance during the game proves that they are real men and worthy of respect within their community. The winning team is awarded the carcass of the goat. So once the competition is finished, the body quickly disappears to be prepared for the feast that follows the match. The meat is probably very tender after all that pushing and pulling….

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Niko and I watched Kok Boru with a mixture of feelings.