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Originally from London, she moved to the U. The family settled in Darien for seventeen years. In having discovered the Abbey of Regina Laudis through a circuitous route— with grown up children and no longer tied to school timetables and job commuting to the city, she and her husband decided through a leap of faith to pull up roots once more and move nearer to the abbey.

They felt very drawn to the Benedictine rhythm of life, where prayer is work and work is prayer and wanted to be closer to its pulse. This exhibition of photographs is her first solo exhibition. Visit our Art Shop page to learn more about the artist and show and to see samples of Elizabeth's beautiful photographs that will be on display and for sale. On the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19th, we were blessed with the gift of a shiny new black dump truck. Tim grew up on a farm and took an interest in our agricultural program.

He contacted Mother Augusta, offering to support us in our commitment to the sustainability of our land.

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When he and his wife Joy learned that the transmission of our old dump truck had blown, they had this beautiful new truck delivered to our Abbey. Mother Abbess named the truck "Joseph", not only because it arrived on the feast, but because as St. Joseph served the bodies of Our Lady and Jesus, this truck will serve the many needs of the body of our land and all who work on it. With deep gratitude we ask for Blessings on Tim and Joy, their family and work.

Send Thy holy angels to accompany it that they may keep from all evils those who ride in it; and as once Thou didst grant faith and grace through Thy deacon Philip to the Ethiopian riding in his chariot and reading the word of God, so now show the way of salvation to Thy servants that, always given to good works, they attain to everlasting joys after the vicissitudes of the journey and of this life. Through Christ our Lord.

Notice: Cookies are required to make purchases on this web site. Please enable "first-party" cookies in your browser. Simonetta and R. Margaret Georgina and R. Mother Perpetua R. Mother Ruth R. Mother Monica R. Mother Irene R. Mother Placid R. Mother Catherine R. There was no feeling quite so validating as when Mother Dorcas peeked into the bowl, eyes bright, and exclaimed, 'What a good dough! Monastic communities, rooted in different lands, traditions, and environments have endured for centuries and still live today.

In the Rule of Saint Benedict, set forth in the 6th century, we see that St. Benedict makes provision for the life of diverse communities of men, or women, living under a single Rule. The members of the community live, work, and worship together, receiving guests, caring for the sick, educating the young, and practicing all the works necessary to maintain a well-rounded life of stability and culture on the land. It is well known that throughout history the monastic orders were largely responsible for the preservation of the literature of the ancient world, and to them is also credited the agricultural restoration of Europe.

All of the elements necessary for the sustenance of the community were necessarily found within the resources of the monastery. Accordingly, the monks were also known for developing specialized arts such as wine and beer making, cheese making, and for many technological advances in fields such as architecture and engineering. Today we might ask ourselves why are we drawn to the craftsmanship of the contemporary Monastics?

In order to explore that question, we must again look into monastic life and traditions. It is from this dynamic relationship between body and soul that the true drive for monastic crafts and artisanship arises. Craftsmen were indispensable to the life of the community. Their importance is underscored by the fact that St. Benedict devoted a whole chapter of the Rule to them ch 57 and admonished them to remain humble despite their giftedness. If anyone could not remain humble, he or she would be removed from the work. In order to sustain the physical life of the community, the monastics were impelled to utilize the raw materials of the environment that were opened to them through their work in agriculture, and land restoration and reclamation.

Leather was needed for shoes, wool for garments, skins used for vellum, stones for building, beeswax for candles and clay and metal for vessels. The physical life of the community was the workshop in which the crafts were learned, practiced, and professionally perfected. But for the monks, there is also a deeper motivation. It is the monastic artists and craftsmen whose hands fashion a vital link between creation herself and our human religious longing to lift up or transform the elements of creation to assist us in our participation in the life of God on the earth.

In ch 31 of the Rule, Saint Benedict also reminds the cellarer, and by extension, all the monks, that all the tools of the monastery are to be treated as sacred vessels of the altar, and when we consider this in terms of the work of the craftsmen, we can see how organic this relationship is. But it is the rich liturgical life of the monastery that evokes the greatest creative fertility on the part of the craftsmen.

There is no lack of feastdays, ceremonies, and processions in any monastery. Leather needed now for not only shoes but for liturgical books, wool and flax for vestments and cowls, precious metals, ceramics and wax for the adornment of the altar and the celebration of the liturgy. Stone and wood used for housing and stables is raised and shaped for churches and chapels and chapter rooms. It is this possibility of participation in the elevation of creation that attracts lay artists and craftsmen to collaborate with monastic craftsmen.

And in fulfilling our mission to restore and elevate creation, we ourselves are also elevated. I awake in the middle of the night, as I do most nights here, with muscles complaining about the hundreds of hay bales I loaded into a barn the day before. It is half past 2AM. The Guest House at the Abbey of Regina Laudis is black and silent, but some meters away in the chapel, an assembly of nuns is awake and keeping watch with the sanctuary lamp.

It is the hour of Matins. By the time I rise at , the flowers have been watered, the cows milked, the sheep sent to pasture, the cat found and fed, the grapevines inspected, and the bread dough set out to rise. A bell rings, and from behind the wrought iron grille, the nuns process into the sanctuary, bowing to the altar and to one another before taking their places in the choir stalls.

Mother Abbess intones the prayer: Deus, in adjutorium meum intende. The …. Tiny Tim couldn't run like a hp tractor, but he didn't need to because his Father was the horse that carried him home, and the love between him and his family provided warmth enough to heat their house and even melt the frozen heart of Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrutinize and nourish our hearts, the weakness of men you know, to those returning to you show forgiveness and grace. At the abbey, even the smallest act is considered an act of devotion, so that every dish washed or loaf of bread baked takes on heightened importance.

But I see it now. There is something powerful about being in the presence of faith when you yourself are doubting. For us, we find God through a very specific area that we call an elemental,' she notes. In frank and honest language, Mother Felicitas explains how that long search led her through extraordinary pain and difficulty, profound questioning, and finally toward everlasting and perfect love.

A wonderful day of foods and wine, art displays, educational presentations and great entertainment! When an entire audience gasps out loud, you know a production has succeeded in transporting theatergoers directly into the world of the play. Mother Noella on the Science and Spirituality of Cheesemaking In this web exclusive, Mother Noella, a Benedictine Nun of the Abbey of Regina Laudis, talks with correspondent Mo Rocca about enzymes—the catalyst in the traditional cheesemaking process—and how they relate to the spiritual. You can, she says, find the universe in a microbe.

May we pause on this last Sunday of the year to see how we have fulfilled or failed to fulfill the call to Mercy, and 'open our mouths' while there is still time to invite another into the paradise Christ has opened to all of us from the heart of the cross. Mother Benedict continued this tradition when she planted the first vegetable garden at the abbey Like the unique and self-reliant Belted Galloway herd that grazes on the pastures of the abbey land, the sisters at the abbey have been pointed in the right direction and have proven they can survive and thrive on the land.

You always know when a person knows. Because what we must do, all of us together, is to stand erect in this world that has forgotten what real love is about. And if we can stand together in that mystery, we can do more to help our people than anything in the world, because our union is what they want, what the world does want, and what they fear cannot happen. So thank you for being the absolute presence of the mystery and I hope you have a great day! Our world, our country continues to be enmeshed in war and violence with the now ever present threat of terrorism. We can neither forget the cost of liberation, nor ever cease working for the liberation and personal dignity and freedom of each other person.

On every beam of the outdoor theater posters of the young actress Dolores Hart, including one of her with Elvis Presley posing cheek to cheek caught delighted theatergoers well aware of the fact that the young star gave it all up to become a nun at the Abbey where she has been for 50 years. Explored through the lenses of the four natural elements—fire, water, air and earth—COOKED is an enlightening and compelling look at the evolution of what food means to us through the history of food preparation and its universal ability to connect us.

Highlighting our primal human need to cook, the series urges a return to the kitchen to reclaim our lost traditions and to forge a deeper, more meaningful connection to the ingredients and cooking techniques that we use to nourish ourselves. Synopsis of the documentary film Cooked from Michael Pollan's Website. The world needs the Abbey of Regina Laudis now more than ever, as evidenced by its growth in these challenging times.

We all benefit from having this community in our midst. The future of Regina Laudis is assured through the New Horizons project, and our desire to support this is at the heart of our gift. Sarah Robards plays Carrie Watts, the protagonist of the play. Her performance is so unpretentious, so natural and warm that you forget she is acting. I think it has been one of the most wonderful years for films because I think the films have tried to show situations as they really are and not in a brutal, mean way.

I think evil is the loss of love. Whenever something evil happens it's because persons refuse to love. On the high mountain of Israel I will plant it, that it may bring forth boughs and bear fruit and become a stately cedar. And birds of every kind will nest under it; they will nest in the shade of its branches. This resonant, lyrical novel is the story of the relationship between Benny Finn, a Vietnam veteran struggling to find his place in the world, and Sister Clare, a young Benedictine nun facing her First Vows.

As Benny and Sister Clare come to know each other at an Abbey in New Hampshire over the course of one summer, , they open themselves, with courage, to the grace and surprise of love's many forms. Like Annie Dillard, Chessman plumbs the mysteries of the spirit and celebrates the quiet grace notes of the earth. The Beauty of Ordinary Things is deep as a prayer, a meditation on two people seeking their right place in the world. The book speaks softly, but oh how it lingers in the mind.

I can't praise it enough. My first impression of Sister Noella was of a woman decidedly more earthy than spiritual. But I soon came to see that, for her, the miracles of Christ were many, and could be witnessed in the unlikeliest of places, including a barrel of milk or under a microscope. Several of Christ's miracles rather famously involve fermentation, as she pointed out to me with a twinkle. Like bread and wine, cheese is the transformation of ordinary matter into something extraordinary, a process suggestive of transcendence.

As it happened, Father Iain's sermon that morning was on the subject of fermentation. The day's text was the exchange between Jesus and the Pharisees. What was Jesus' attitude to the covenant of the Old Testament? He did not seek simply to reject it, Father Iain said. Tradition, like an old wine, is too precious to throw out.

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And yet Christ's gospel did introduce something new and transformative, the result of a process Father Iain likened to fermentation. In the same way that 'fermentation releases energy in the process of breaking down the wheat, grape juice or curds; so Jesus is saying that his interpretation and revelation of the covenant is a life-giving and transformative mediation of the covenant Michael the Archangel, the community and guests gathered in St. Pius hay field for a ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Abbey of Notre Dame de Jouarre.

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Mother Subprioress Margaret Georgina Patton welcomed our veterans and guests and reminded those present that this anniversary marks the day Regina Laudis was conceived. Mother Subprioress introduced two special women, both nurses, who have been deeply touched by war and have chosen to give their lives in service.

Helen Keiser-Pedersen lived through the unspeakable tragedy of losing her son, Captain Andrew Pedersen-Keel, to the war in Afghanistan. She has deliberately taken that grief into service of her country, veterans, and in particular Gold Star families. Captain Karen Trueblood served in the Iraq war, commanding the US Marines 4th Medical Battalion and since retirement has continued to serve her fellow soldiers and sailors, especially the homeless veterans and their families.

Karen could not be present in person, but was grateful to have a Navy man present her message. Read more details and see a gallery of the flag-raising ceremony. The altar was given by the Benedictine Community of Jesus Crucified whose Monastery of the Glorious Cross in Branford, CT has had to permanently close because they no longer had sufficient numbers to maintain their apostolate and presence to the people of the region. They will be greatly missed.

I love the time period — starting in — and Hatcher describes just enough of the world that you can picture it without there being too much reminding. Know what I mean? Anyway, this series was SO much fun, my friends. I read them all so quickly and was sad when they were over! Faith was an aspect of each book, but not overly done.

The dresses, gloves and hats. The twists and turns were great as well, keeping me in suspense as to just how each book would end. I highly recommend this series, from teens on up! Go check it out! Tags: a matter of character , a vote of confidence , book reviews , books , christian historical fiction , christian romance , fit to be tied , historical fiction , robin lee hatcher , sisters of bethelehem springs. Like Like. To check out what I read in March of last year, click […]. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Szabo sponsored Resolution 14, that granted a Certificate of Appropriateness to hang a lighted sign at East Fourth Street. Szabo sponsored Resolution 14, that granted a Certificate of Appropriateness to replace the storefront window at East Fourth Street.

Szabo sponsored Resolution 14, that granted a Certificate of Appropriateness to install an awning and window signs at Broadway. Szabo sponsored Resolution 14, that granted a Certificate of Appropriateness to renovate the facades at West Third Street. Szabo sponsored Resolution 14, that granted a Certificate of Appropriateness to install signage and construct a handicap ramp at 15 East Fourth Street.

Szabo sponsored Resolution 14, that granted a Certificate of Appropriateness to install signage at East Fourth Street. Chairman Leeson announced a Finance Committee meeting on Wednesday, March 15, at PM in Room on transfers of funds, budget adjustments, and the proposed Ordinance concerning intermunicipal transfer of funds. Noting that administrative fees include licensing, Mrs. John Spirk, City Solicitor, advised the Superior Court ruled that State law preempts the ability of a City like Allentown from that sort of licensing and collection but did say that the city could, however, license and regulate the containers used to dump trash into the trucks.

Belinski, Attorney Spirk restated there is a State statute that seems to regulate that licensing only for the State to be done on a State-wide basis. Upon registering and licensure with the State, that would preclude, according to the Superior Court, municipalities from getting involved. Attorney Spirk continued on to note Lehigh County also argued in the case that they should be allowed to regulate and inspect the various collection receptacles and that was not precluded by State law.

The State Superior Court said the receptacles could be regulated but not the vehicles because that is reserved for the State. Attorney Spirk repeated that the City did not do anything because it was waiting to see what would happen when the Supreme Court heard the full case, but Lehigh County did not pursue it. Belinski inquired whether the City is still going to charge haulers a license fee to haul trash. Attorney Spirk responded that the City received correspondence from haulers to draw its attention to the cases. President Schweder expressed his assumption as it now ruled the City cannot charge haulers a license fee.

Attorney Spirk explained the State Superior Court is the precedent right now unless further litigation is commenced with the willingness to take the case to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Attorney Spirk affirmed as it stands now the City is bound by the decision. Removing from the Table Bill No. Dolan, asking whether there have been any new developments related to the financial situation in regards to the Martin Tower development, and noting she also has questions about pedestrian safety, was informed by Christopher Spadoni, City Council Solicitor, that Bill No.

Dolan moved to take Bill No.

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Donchez seconded the motion. Voting AYE: Ms. Szabo, 5. Belinski and Mr. Schweder, 2. Dolan noted one of her hopes is to see changes to pedestrian safety in what is one of the worst intersections for pedestrians in Bethlehem that is at Schoenersville Road and Eighth Avenue. Pektor and his group could look into some possible pedestrian improvements as part of their development plans.

Dolan asked whether or not consideration was given to pedestrian improvements.

The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs Collection

Lou Pektor, developer of the Martin Tower project, responded subsequent to Ms. Rob Hoffman, of Traffic Planning and Design, handed out a schematic of the corridor. Hoffman informed the assembly that means when a pedestrian pushes the button it will stop traffic on every approach and a walk indication will be given to pedestrians so they can safely cross in any direction at the intersections. Turning to the concern about pedestrians walking North of Schoenersville Road to the park, Mr. Hoffman explained a solution is to have an exclusive pedestrian phase at Eighth and Eaton Avenues.

Dolan observed that pedestrians could then access the ball fields, the ice rink, tennis courts, and swimming pool. Hoffman replied yes. Dolan, recalling that Mr. Leeson had asked Mr. Pektor to find out whether or not he could be granted an extension by the building owner until all of the planning components have been completed, asked if that was reviewed. Pektor continued on to advise that he went back to the real estate personnel who reiterated there would not be any chance of an extension.

The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs Series Audiobooks | oxefemijyzed.ml

Pektor could get this done or not, said she does not want to see the development project jeopardized. Leeson, stating he has always been in favor of the project and of the design change, said the question in his mind was the roadmap on how to get to the end point everybody wants to get to that is to see the Martin Tower property developed. Leeson, explaining he would have much preferred to see the project go through the Planning Commission process, communicated his assessment after careful reflection is there is an opportunity on the table of a ready, willing, and able developer to move forward who he acknowledged has a good track record with the City.

Leeson observed that, regrettably, Council is faced with the difficult choice of forcing that issue on this project with the prospect of perhaps losing an opportunity to see the project move forward promptly. Leeson said that is a choice he is not prepared to miss on behalf of the citizens.

Leeson further stated he acknowledges also interestingly and encouragingly the words of another prominent and highly respected developer who is in attendance tonight, Attorney Perrucci, who apparently is ready, willing, and able to step in should Mr. However, Mr. Leeson expressed he also knows the vagaries of the marketplace and dealing with the international firm from India that owns Martin Tower, as well as the uncertainties of the turnaround time if Mr.

Leeson said there seems to be some element of turmoil in the marketplace and ownership with respect to Mittal Steel. Leeson observed that, if the project fails, even if Mr. Perrucci is ready to step up to the plate, he is not so sure that Mittal Steel would act promptly enough in order that the project would be saved. Leeson continued on to point out that, if it took an undue amount of time for that to happen, interest rates and market conditions could change and the City might end up not getting anywhere with anyone.

Leeson reiterated that is a risk he is not willing to take in behalf of the citizens. Leeson explained that, under the circumstances, being a supporter of the project and of the change in the zoning, he voted to take the Bill off the Table so there could be a discussion of the issue because it is that important, and also to hear what are the latest developments.

Leeson stated that, under the circumstances, in order to save the project he is going to support it, although for the reasons expressed he thinks there are better ways for the City to conduct planning and development. Donchez thought the project has an excellent developer who has done an excellent job with projects in the City. Donchez stated that he supports the project and the proposed Zoning Text Amendment for the Overlay District. Donchez, agreeing with Mr. Donchez expressed the hope that City Council will pass the Ordinance this evening. Stephen Antalics, Ridge Street, said he finds this very troublesome.

Highlighting the fact that the Bill was brought up under New Business, Mr. Antalics asked why were the parties here. President Schweder informed him this is the appropriate time during the City Council Meeting for the Members to discuss the matter, after Council had done away with all of the other business before the Members. President Schweder advised that at least a week ago he made Ms.

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Dolan and Attorney Spadoni aware that this would be the appropriate time. President Schweder notified Mr. Antalics the motion is acceptable under New Business. Antalics communicated it would be interesting if Members of Council are willing to save him the work of public record to tell the citizens now what developers made contributions.

Szabo said she is very upset because of the way the entire matter has been handled from the start. Szabo affirmed she voted to Table the Bill because she heard from Attorney Broughal that this may not be the plan that is presented to the Planning Commission. Referring to the recently built Wawa gas station project on Easton Avenue, Ms. Szabo denoted her fear and that of other Members of Council is that how a project is represented at the outset, over which City Council has no control afterwards, is not what will be presented at the end. Heller at a Lehigh Valley Planning Commission committee meeting, and laid out her feelings about the matter.

A Match of Wits

Since that time, Ms. Szabo stated she has heard nothing. Szabo said she was hoping, since there were so many questions and there is a time limitation, Members would have sat down and talked about the matter with the Administration and everybody concerned and come up with some answers to the questions.

Szabo questioned why there cannot be a document drafted enumerating the problems and some possible changes suggested. President Schweder stated he will be voting against the Bill. President Schweder noted that in the Morning Call newspaper article the day after the last City Council Meeting the Mayor suggested that if people in Bethlehem were interested and concerned about the project they should notify the Members of City Council. President Schweder informed the assembly he did not receive one telephone call, e-mail, or letter in support of the project, although many people raised concerns about it.

President Schweder concluded the reason why people would not speak up on the project is because no one knows what this project is, and no one will know.

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President Schweder, with reference to comments of a former Member of Council, pointed out that Council always talks about what it finds unacceptable through the process but when there is a chance to do something about it too many people take a punt. President Schweder continued on to enumerate the discussions about assisted living and nursing homes in places where they do not belong. President Schweder highlighted the fact that again tonight residents talked about the system being broken. Affirming there have been discussions for years that the system does not work, and there is a Zoning law that does not work, President Schweder asserted it is compounded time and time again by doing things such as are being done tonight.

President Schweder remarked he wished those Members who are voting for the Bill tonight would tell him exactly what it is they are voting for because he assures everyone here that no one does. Belinski, saying she agrees with President Schweder, pointed out that Council has been told before the Trojan horse stories. Belinski, communicating she is worried about the high density in the area, remarked she was told there is no way the Bethlehem Area School District can handle the increased number of students who would come to Nitschmann School.

Belinski stated she will be voting no. President Schweder, noting that Mr. Mowrer and he attended the Historic and Architectural Review Board meeting held on-site at a property at Broad and Main, advised he asked the Historic Officer if the plans for the building are still to be a restaurant on the first floor, and residential above that.

President Schweder informed the Members that, according to the Historic Officer, those plans are no longer what the project will be. Szabo observed the greatest handicap is that, when any zoning is granted, if Council wants to make changes it cannot because the matter is grandfathered. Szabo pointed out that is how Wawa slipped through because it went by the former rules under someone else and there is no control over the new project whether or not it is desirable. She emphasized that any changes have to go back through the whole process.

Leeson, and Mr. Mowrer, 4. Grubb communicated that his family knows better than most Ms. Grubb said his only concern was that the wrong person was being replaced on the Board of Health. Grubb said he is saddened to hear that the Deputy Director of Economic Development will be leaving the City.

Grubb stated he has the utmost admiration and respect for Laura Burtner who is extremely competent and very well qualified to serve in that capacity. Grubb stressed what is most disturbing to him is that in a period of a little more than four years the City is looking for its fourth Deputy Director of Economic Development. He suggested there is an even bigger problem in the Department, and that something should be done about this continuing brain drain in the Department. Grubb, asserting that Bethlehem is not being served well when many talented and qualified people continue to leave the service of City government, observed it has been a trend over the past five to six years.

Grubb highlighted the fact that many of the people in the Department with whom he had worked are people of high quality and integrity with tremendous work ethic and dedication. Grubb said he philosophically poses the question why are they all leaving. Pfenning informed the assembly that today he attended the second annual Pennsylvania Gaming Congress in Harrisburg. On one of the panels that dealt with gaming and zoning issues was Mayor Callahan and Mr.

Krauss, general counsel of Las Vegas Sands. Pfenning noted that one of the members of the panel indicated that legislation will be introduced in Harrisburg to reinstate section , the local zoning control issue versus State control issue. In addition, a question from the audience was directed to Mr. Krauss about what are the implications of any zoning issue delays on the local level in terms of implementing the gaming industry.

Pfenning reported that Mr. Edelson and a number of other people are unloading a good portion of their stock in Las Vegas Sands that would bring Mr. Pfenning continued on to say Mr. Krauss noted that originally under section people would go to the Gaming Board Commission, get their license, and deal with zoning and development issues at the State level; however, now, basically it has returned to the way things are with both the State licensing and local zoning.

Pfenning added the investment panel mentioned how the Lehigh Valley was going to be considered, and that Bethlehem would be a destination casino. Pfenning said the opinion of someone from the gaming industry with whom he had a conversation was that Bethlehem was a sure bet to get a casino license. Chris Perrucci, Sycamore Avenue, expressed his concern about the speed of travel of cars on the street, and pointed out there is no stop sign at the corner of Sycamore and Maple Streets.

Perrucci, highlighting the fact that there are a lot of young children in the block, advised that a lot of neighbors have voiced concerns about the speed of the traffic in the area that sometimes reaches 50 or 60 miles per hour. Perrucci made a recommendation that a stop sign be placed at the corner of Maple and Sycamore Streets for the purpose of the safety of the young children in the neighborhood. Francis Donchez, Police Commissioner, while advising the Department will look at increased enforcement there, explained that State law prohibits placing a stop sign for speed control and PennDot requires a traffic study.